Why You Should Hate TV

Our culture is out of hand with their love for television.  Although an element of technology that transformed our culture, there is clear evidence of its ravaging affect in our personal lives.  Today I opine about the reasons this little devil can be destroying both your imagination and your wallet!
First and foremost, the intent of this writing has little to do with bashing on the little glowing box on the wall.  The primary intent is to express several reasons why this thing we love so much might be costing us more and more without us realizing it.  Not uncommonly we as humans tend to miss the obvious before our eyes.  We become accustomed to what we do everyday, and certainly for us Americans the television is a primary facet in our routines.  Here are five reasons to reconsider the time we spend in front of the screen:

1.  TIME:  Recently, I read an article that indicated that Americans on average watch over 35 hours of television per week!  That statistic is 5 hours short of another full-time job.  With such significant time given toward one element of our life, we have to ask what kind of value comes from this.  And it would be unfair to tell ourselves lies and say, “TV is a learning mechanism, think about all those History Channel documentaries you learn from”.  Bullshit!  Yes, that would be great if all 35 hours was devoted to learning on that channel, but we all know most of our time is wasted on worthless sitcoms and cheesy season marathons.  Out of the amount of time given, there is little to no value given to our lives from the television.

2.  YOU PAY TO BE ADVERTISED TO:  Most Americans pay at least $100 or more a month for a cable or satellite package.  That is a lot of money just to have the broadcast companies inundate our minds with commercials and promotions.  Yes, I realize you can skip a lot of that nowadays.  Have you thought about advertising not in terms of Viagra commercials, but rather in terms of what ideas these shows are trying to convey to you or trying to get you to believe.  As for me, I would rather control what messages are being communicated to my mind.

3.  DISTRACTION:  It amazes me how much attention span the TV takes from a soul.  TV networks are experts in engaging its viewers and making sure people aren’t bored.  Not being bored is NOT the argument here.  The argument is essentially the importance of all the stuff around us that does not get our attention when we are spending time in front of the television.  The relationships, the memories with others, the productivity, and freedom that is all around is lost.

4.  LACK OF IMAGINATION:  The TV guides our minds and thoughts in the directions the scripts pave for us.  The story is shown and told right to us.  This leaves very little freedom for our minds to roam the vast grounds of imagination and self exploration.  You see, this is why I think reading is a lot better.  When you read a book, the reader creates the majority of the story, the characters, the environment in their mind.  This stretches the limits of our imagination, and in turn expands our intellect.

5.  NO USABLE VALUE:  There is no question that TV provides for our entertainment needs.  Personally, I enjoy a great comedy any night of the week.  Like everything else though, when we get sucked into the time vacuum that is television, this little devil starts to own us.  Of extreme importance is that there is no value that comes out of TV, especially for the time commitment we tend to put into it.  Imagine how much value would come from spending 35 hours a week playing a musical instrument, starting a side business, learning a new hobby, or investing those hours into a new relationship.  Arguably, you can say there is much greater return of investment with these things than there is for television.

So stop wasting away watching TV and get out and provide some real value to yourself and the world!

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