Why I Will Win

There are a lot of reasons why I know that I will win in lifewinner despite my deep, long lasting challenges.  There is no doubt that life is tough.  Life will kick you in the gut so many times, punch you in the face, and knock you down.  That really isn’t the issue.  The issue is learning how to survive each one of those moments, and getting right back on your feet.

I believe that successful people are different from others because of the way they interpret these punches or failures in life.  They see each one of these as a lesson to be learned.  They see these as blessed opportunities to grow.  I think that tremendous growth can come from a perspective such as this.  However, that is not how the majority of people think or live.  They get punched in the face by life, and then they give up.  They choose not to move forward as they should.  I feel like I am quite different than this.

Another huge component to success lies in where people see their limitations.  The reality is that limitations are self imposed.  YOU are the person who is holding yourself back.  You are the one that isn’t allowing yourself to grow as you should.  It becomes extremely easily to be self defeating.  The bottom line is, limitations are created by yourself, nothing external.  You choose how successful you will become.

One thing to strengthen yourself is to realize success comes from small wins along the way, every day, every week, every month.  Each day there should be an effort to be a little better than the day before.  Frankly, the quantum growth someone is looking for isn’t going to come unless there is a diligent focus in every single different area of life!

Irregardless of what life puts in front of me, I am going to be strong enough to overcome it.  I know I need to be strong enough to persevere past those troubles so that I can thrive.  To get to where you thrive is where you can then start contributing to society and making other people’s lives better.  That is where your end objective should ultimately be.  You have to reach a point where you have people who want to live the life you do, and you are in place where you can show them how to do it!

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