Vaccine Refusal Kills Kids

As a nurse, I see the aftermath of what it is like for a child to contract an illness that might be preventable.  The medical advances made in this country a decade ago pretty much eradicated some of the worst diseases possible.  However, as of recent we have seen a new uprising in children who are contracting diseases these vaccines prevented.  The reason for this happening, the fear that has been created around vaccines causing Autism, paralysis, and sudden death.

From the perspective of medical science, we know that most of these incidences have exigent circumstances surrounding them.  The bottom line is this: autism rates are increasing, but there is no scientific proof that vaccines are the causative factor.  Yes, we do immunize children more regularly than before and autism rates are going up.  What needs to be understood though is that there may be a correlation, but this is different than causation.  In other words, A does NOT cause B to occur.

While researching this topic the other day, I learned of a documentary that was published in January of 2014 that addresses these issues.  Invisible Threat is a documentary unlike others due to its unbiased approach.  Student film makers set out and interviewed a number of different medical professionals about this topic.  Watch the trailer below:

Invisible Threat Trailer

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