Slow Moments

As of recent, I have had many thoughts about the valuable moments in life.  After 26 years of life, I have learned a simple truth: those things which are most valuable are ones we are given for free.  What I mean is, family, friends, experiences, opportunities of service, well these are all things which are free to us.  They are things which we must cherish as they are non-replaceable.  The most valuable of these to me are the moments which are slow.

I recall growing up and enjoying the mornings in which I got to share with my mom.  We would wake up for the day and enjoy the mornings before my other siblings woke up sitting down, reading the newspaper, drinking coffee (Pepsi for me at the time), and enjoying each other’s company.  It was during these times which I had the most rewarding conversations of my life.  The lack of rushing, needing to be somewhere, or hustling to complete a to-do list allowed me to really get to know my mother and gain wisdom from her.  Another valuable time spend with her would be the time preparing dinner.  My mother loved to cook elaborate meals and preparation time was significant.  I remember sitting up to the kitchen counter watching her prepare meals and taking advantage of the time discussing my life, her life, life in general, and transforming my mind in becoming a better person.

During my life I have had many other very valuable “slow moments”.  The times spent with my closest of friends on a slow time frame has also transformed my life.  Through high school, I remember one of my favorite past times was simply spending time with no obligations with my best friends.  I remember spending countless hours sitting around the living room floor or in the hot tub talking, masterminding, and connecting with each other.  There was no need to “hurry things up”.  There was no desire to be anywhere else but in that moment itself.

Although in the realm of romance and intimacy I don’t the most extensive resume, I can also speak to the power of slow moments with a significant other.  I will never forget the times of simply laying next to my girlfriend, no desire to be with anyone else or to be elsewhere and simply sharing life with each other.  There is great power in simply holding another human being and having no reference to time around you as nothing else matters.

Having chosen the career path I have in emergency healthcare, professionally the term of slow moments simply doesn’t exist.  As a paramedic, there are always decisions to be made rapidly or fast action to be taken or someone will die!  As an emergency nurse, there are always more patients to be seen and patients to be discharged, and fast action to take.

Simply as an adult, it is hard to get caught up in the “rat race” of life.  There is always a house to be cleaned, bills to be paid, meetings to attend to, and phone calls to make.  But what I have learned in my life is that there should always be time reserved for slow moments.  All of the other tasks life throws us simply don’t matter, they are a part of life, but not LIFE itself!  Life itself is indoctrinated with human experiences which we can most cherish when we take them slow.  One of the hardest lessons I have had to learn as an adult is that these moments are not replaceable!  They have to be embraced, enjoyed, and cherished forever because you never know when they won’t be there anymore!

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