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Perhaps one of the most ritualistic parts of my day is getting ready for bed.  As a child, I recall this being a drawn out process.  You spend a good portion of your evening getting ready for the night ahead.  Not much has changed for me as an adult.  Bedtime as an adult is a rather pleasant part of my day I have realized.  Preparing for the night is a pleasant experience as an adult clearly because we work harder, and its the most relaxing part of the day.  

Sleep is pleasant, yes, but it can also be one of the most unregulated parts of our lives.  This adult phase we speak of doesn’t make getting quality sleep much easier.  Our hectic schedules, limited time to get things done, irregular schedules, or just work schedules are just a few things that severely alter this aspect of our lives.   


I recall being a young, working professional and student, when a friend introduced me to a supplement named Melatonin.  I would later learn that this simple supplement would bring a tremendous amount of value into my life.  Melatonin is a non-narcotic, nonprescription supplement that is already naturally occurring in the body.  It works by regulating the circadian rhythm of your sleep, to help maintain quality, REM sleep.  Simply put, it accentuates a natural physiologic process to keep you in a deep sleep longer.  Think of it as giving your sleeping hours a boost.  


When I started taking this supplement, it without a doubt transformed my sleep life!  I got more regular, better quality sleep than I had in years!  However, a huge component to Melatonin is its relationship with the pineal gland.  This particular gland has a some debatable connection with our ability to dream realistically.  Some people argue that this gland is the window into our souls!  Your dreams are much more realistic, more tangible if you will.  


The best part about the benefits of Melatonin are the mornings after.  Better sleep means you wake up smoother, you are more alert, and your days start off much better.  Mornings are another huge part of my day that I enjoy.  I have always believed them to be vitally important.  Part of this enjoyment comes from the ability we all get to start anew.  My mornings have always been peaceful, exciting times.  When you approach the start of each day with a renewed spirit, you really do have the world in your hands!  Something I have enjoyed for years is waking up a little bit earlier than needed, not putting any effort into getting ready, no rushing around whatsoever.  Then, I take the time to sit and watch the news.  This gives me the ability to feel like I am connected with the world around me.  Listening to an enlightening radio show while commuting to work has also set me up for a successful day!  


Make your nighttime ritual something individual to you, and make it a priority to unwind yourself for sleep.  The night calls for a special spirit in which we let our souls rejuvenate for the coming day.  When morning comes, approach it with an attitude of renewal and strength.  Have the gratitude in your heart that you have another day which you own, a blank canvas to paint, and a beautiful legacy you are that much closer to solidifying!  

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