Planting Pumpkin Seeds

As of recent I was listening to a podcast where the guest speaker illustrated a very simple, but rather potent idea.  They were talking about doing well in life and being successful.  The guest quickly pointed out that, “if you plant a pumpkin seed, there is no way you can grow a thorn bush”.  After taking a moment to think about this, I really came to enjoy the idea they were trying to express.  

Most all of us have some sense or belief in Karma or the like.  What goes around simply comes around.  This is a basic premise most of us have been raised on.  Although we are well educated on the point, I don’t think we take this principle close to heart all the time.  First, I think we have to come to a deeper understanding of this particular thought.

When it comes to doing good things, we expect that good things will happen to us in return.  Moreover, I think that when we do “positive” things, we are also inviting a positive energy into our lives.  This positive energy could come from the universe, through blessings, or just “good vibes” depending on your belief system.  The real question I have is-when do we actually come to terms with such a potent idea and live it everyday?

The answer to my question becomes reality when we start to learn how potent it is to execute good decisions and good deeds into our lives.  You see, its all in the small decisions, not always the big ones.  Of course people know that smoking is bad for them and eventually they will get cancer or some other ailment which consequently will make their lives horrible to live.  The area of focus I feel is important is in small decisions that in eventuality will lead to more significant “bad” things.

A typical example of this is the common situation of checking out at the store and you get back too much money or you are not charged for an item.  Do you exercise honesty in correcting the issue?  I am referring to the time you walk past the person in need and choose not to stop because you don’t have time.  Are you putting your own needs before someone in more need than yourself?

The point essentially is, if we continue to pass up small opportunities to “plant” good seeds along the road of life, we will be slowly passing up opportunities to grow great returns.  It is essential to us all to remember if we do good deeds, then only good things can result from those things.  If we keep planting bad seeds along the way, well then typically nothing good will ever become of that and before we know it we are standing in the middle of a thorn bush!

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