Personal Marinade

Influence Perhaps  one of the more interesting aspects of humanity I have wondered about is how we have become the individuals we are.  Obviously, this is a multivariable question and one which is complex inherently.  Lately though, I have wondered if it is really that difficult of a question to answer.

We all come from very different walks of life, all with a different story to be told.  Our influences vary greatly, as does our circumstances.  These factors all play a significant role in who we are, but our identity is also something that changes from time to time as well.  Throughout many stages of my life, I know I have had a multitude of different identities.  Of course, there are ones we are proud of, and others we aren’t so proud about.

So is there something we can put our finger on directly which contributes greatly to this identity of ours?  As of recent, I was sitting in a church lesson where the presenter conveyed the idea of our “personal marinade”.  The foundational idea was centered around our ability as humans to absorb everything which is around us and merge these things into our  identity as individuals.  Unfortunately, there are positive and negative characteristics which forms the mosaic of our personalities.  The carrier of such characteristics always tends to be those we surround ourselves around most often.

“You are the average of the five people you spend the most time with.”

― Jim Rohn

As mentioned in the quote by Jim Rohn, we essentially become the people we spend the most time with.  This perspective might be an enlightening one considering who we are spending time with.  On the same hand, this reality might be a game changer when it becomes tangible in our hearts.  There might even be a realization that we need to potentially change those most commonly around us.

Arguably, we can leverage this perspective to become much better people.  The challenge is how difficult it is to change our social realities, at least from an emotional dynamic.  The ones we spend a notable time around are also those who we have emotional ties with, making it nothing short of easy to separate ourselves.

On another note however, what would it be like to know we could make ourselves great by simply changing a little bit about our social influences?  When we look out on the horizon of successful people, its easy to see these people spend all their time around like-minded souls.  Successful people spend their time around people with the same worldview, the same goals, the same level of motivation.  This inherently becomes a cycle of success which perpetuates itself into more greatness.  This occurs by an expanded circle of influence, networking to gain resources, sharing of difficulties and challenges, and most importantly the sharing of achievement amongst themselves.

Ultimately, the question is this:  what or who is your personal marinade?  Are they infusing positive energy into your life or are they driving you down with them?  When we are able to answer these questions and have the willingness to do something about it, thats when our lives will really transform.

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