Personal Accountability: America’s Demise

Today, I at the Emergency Department working the front desk when a 21 year old girl and her father walked in.  Her father, not too difficult to miss, most likely weighed in at around 420 pounds.  The daughter, well she wasn’t too far behind him weighing probably 340 pounds.  As they approached the desk, they informed me they were their to visit some family.  The conversation was simple, but I was quickly distracted.  The distraction had to do with an 84 ounce Maverick soda mug which they both were packing!  Although I feel I exist at a much superior level than these two, I had an immediate mental paradigm shift; I will be stopping my limited soda intake immediately and will be improving my own physical fitness!

What I witnessed during this evening was something all too common, the lack of personal accountability.  As a nurse, I understand there is some biochemical problems with some individuals and part of their obesity is something they have no control over.  However, I think we blame a lot of cases of people being fat assess on this excuse and it is disgusting.  There really is no excuse for someone to end up being that freaking huge!  Personal accountability is the problem.  Who on God’s green earth needs to have 84 oz of soda pop in a refillable mug?  Frankly, 12 oz of soda a day should be more than sufficient.  But no, we drink and drink and drink, and eat shitty food after shitty food.  The reason, these people don’t have the personal accountability, self control, or the intelligence to take care of themselves.  And guess who ends up paying for it, yes the taxpaying citizen like you and I!

One think I know as an emergency nurse is that your body starts to fall apart and fail when you get too fat.  Your heart has to work 8 x harder to pump blood to your fat ass, same with your lungs, kidneys, and liver.  As a paramedic, I also know another victim…the paramedics who have to haul someone’s fat ass down 5 flights of stairs while they are doing CPR!  Do you think that is a joke?  Well count how many slender, athletic 18 year old kids I have worked that hard with, its shockingly different.

You see, this is an American problem.  When was the last time you saw a fat ass Asian, a fat ass Latino, or a fat ass Native American?  Yes, there certainly are a few, but no body has assess like Americans do.  This past summer when I was in Latin America I saw kids who got done with school, played hours worth of Soccer on the field, and then walked 6 miles back home.  They did all of that without complaint.  The principle is simple, these people care about their health, their well being as a person, and how they look!  Instead, our kids go to school, ride a bus home, and play piece of shit video games the rest of the night!  That does not develop a single aspect of a person, and it promotes idleness and decreases accountability one has for themselves.

The biggest question I have tried to answer over the past few years of my life is this:  what is there about successful people that sets them apart from losers?  I think I have figured out the answer: personal accountability!  Successful people wake up in the morning and take accountability that they own their destinies.  They realize they control the realities which surround them.  The take responsibility for their actions.  There is no blaming “genetics” or “situations” for the status they have in life.  These people know the biggest secret, upward mobility is what they control, they are in the driver seat.

So, the message:  WAKE THE HELL UP AMERICA!!!  If we don’t, the lack of accountability is going to eat us alive and will ultimately be our demise!

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