Personal Marinade

Influence Perhaps  one of the more interesting aspects of humanity I have wondered about is how we have become the individuals we are.  Obviously, this is a multivariable question and one which is complex inherently.  Lately though, I have wondered if it is really that difficult of a question to answer.

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On Mindset

MindsetAn interesting observation I have made in my life is how vastly different people can be.  This difference of particular interest is the varying degrees in which people approach to surviving and the success, or lack of, they experience.  Over the course of my life, I have encountered several different people, all of which live within a strict framework of “just how its done”.   [Read more…]

Why You Should Hate TV

Our culture is out of hand with their love for television.  Although an element of technology that transformed our culture, there is clear evidence of its ravaging affect in our personal lives.  Today I opine about the reasons this little devil can be destroying both your imagination and your wallet!
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Vaccine Refusal Kills Kids

As a nurse, I see the aftermath of what it is like for a child to contract an illness that might be preventable.  The medical advances made in this country a decade ago pretty much eradicated some of the worst diseases possible.  However, as of recent we have seen a new uprising in children who are contracting diseases these vaccines prevented.  The reason for this happening, the fear that has been created around vaccines causing Autism, paralysis, and sudden death. [Read more…]

Planting Pumpkin Seeds

As of recent I was listening to a podcast where the guest speaker illustrated a very simple, but rather potent idea.  They were talking about doing well in life and being successful.  The guest quickly pointed out that, “if you plant a pumpkin seed, there is no way you can grow a thorn bush”.  After taking a moment to think about this, I really came to enjoy the idea they were trying to express.   [Read more…]

On Legacy

Life is an interesting adventure.  We are here to survive in a very uncertain world, achieve great things, and create everlasting bonds to one-another.  More importantly, we are to realize the importance of family, friends, and all relationships we have.  Most of all, we are here to create our own families and develop ourselves to our potential.  All of this is not an easy feat.  There are many difficult task for us all to accomplish, but on top of that we have many setbacks to overcome as well.  It is in our nature for us to focus on these setbacks, the obstacles in our road, or the lack of resources we have.  This creates an environment where we focus on the here and now.  We worry how we will pay the bills, put food on the table, or repair a broken relationship.  Worst of all though, are we loosing sight of our big picture? [Read more…]

Our Inner Value

An intimate understanding of who we are inside can change everything for us.  Who we are, the road we have traveled, and the battles we have fought are the defining elements of our inner self that no body else owns.  No body quite understands who we are on the inside but ourselves.  Learning the great value we each posses can create quantum leaps in our daily journeys.  There will be defining moments in each of our lives where this challenge will be tested time and time again.  It is how we handle these defining moments that will steer the course of our lives either forward or backward.  [Read more…]

The Anger Paradigm

“You can always tell the size of a man by how small of things which anger him”

I enjoyed reading this quote today.  It really gives us perspective that there is so much to life that isn’t worthy of our anger.  Anger does nothing to change our course or to profit any value.  What a waste of time and energy to get angry at those non-consequential events that might happen to us.

Home the Foundation

They say home is where you make it.  The realities of this never hit me until I left my childhood home and moved away to college.  It was there, during those transformative years, that I learned to create a home away from home.  Living in multiple different apartments with complete strangers is quite a unique experience.  However, it was because of those years I learned an important lesson. [Read more…]

Slow Moments

As of recent, I have had many thoughts about the valuable moments in life.  After 26 years of life, I have learned a simple truth: those things which are most valuable are ones we are given for free.  What I mean is, family, friends, experiences, opportunities of service, well these are all things which are free to us.  They are things which we must cherish as they are non-replaceable.  The most valuable of these to me are the moments which are slow. [Read more…]