Our Inner Value

An intimate understanding of who we are inside can change everything for us.  Who we are, the road we have traveled, and the battles we have fought are the defining elements of our inner self that no body else owns.  No body quite understands who we are on the inside but ourselves.  Learning the great value we each posses can create quantum leaps in our daily journeys.  There will be defining moments in each of our lives where this challenge will be tested time and time again.  It is how we handle these defining moments that will steer the course of our lives either forward or backward.  However, defining moments, events, and problems aren’t what define us.  We define ourselves, we are the one who writes the meaning of our lives and create the values which we gain from this existence.  I would feel that Ralph Waldo Emerson would agree that if we create a powerful inner self, we should project this value outward to humanity in the service of others.  Perhaps the most powerful thing anyone can do to unleash their value is to forget yourself in the service of others.  Walking beside another on the journey of life, guiding them, directing them, and assisting on this difficult course is our mission.  It is essential what we are here to do.  We must remember this, as there will come a time in our lives where there is nothing left but each other.  So, let the defining moments in your life be the pivotal point to be a better person, put you on higher ground, enabling you to reach down and life another to that high place we call happiness.

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