On Legacy

Life is an interesting adventure.  We are here to survive in a very uncertain world, achieve great things, and create everlasting bonds to one-another.  More importantly, we are to realize the importance of family, friends, and all relationships we have.  Most of all, we are here to create our own families and develop ourselves to our potential.  All of this is not an easy feat.  There are many difficult task for us all to accomplish, but on top of that we have many setbacks to overcome as well.  It is in our nature for us to focus on these setbacks, the obstacles in our road, or the lack of resources we have.  This creates an environment where we focus on the here and now.  We worry how we will pay the bills, put food on the table, or repair a broken relationship.  Worst of all though, are we loosing sight of our big picture?

How often do we become worried about our legacy?  By the term “legacy” I refer to what we will leave behind when we leave this world.  Legacy is essentially how people will remember us when we are gone.  Will we create enough of an impact in people’s lives that their life will be lesser with us gone?  Will what we accomplished here on earth be significant enough that we will never be forgotten?  Those questions pain the perfect picture of what legacy really is.  All of us, irregardless of social class, upbringing, religion, we are here to create our very own legacy.  How often do we think about that though and how important is it to us?

It is my opinion that our job is create the greatest impact in this life for as many lives we can around us.  The old movie “Pay it Forward” illustrates this point well.  Everyone I know blessed in some way or another.  To me, this means we have a great debt to repay to our creator.  We owe it to humanity to move forward with precision enough to change lives.  The reality is that often times we don’t approach life in this manner.  For some, it is so bad that people don’t even care for their reputation much less their legacy!

In any of life’s great decisions, we have to consider the big picture of how it will affect our ‘bottom line’.  So, does this mean we stop educating ourselves at the minimal degree possible, or continue on into the unknown to finish something great?  Does this mean we have a job just to pay the bills, or does it mean we attempt to get promoted and move up the food chain as quickly as possible?  Does it mean that we loose sight of small successes in our personal lives?  No absolutely not.

Legacy is about becoming our greatest selves.  It means mastering our trade, our craft, hitting it home in all we do professionally and personally.  Legacy is the greatest thing to humanity because it is limitless.  We should be scared at all the possibilities that lay before us, no the lack thereof.  Learning the power of forward momentum is key.  Overcoming all the things which attempt to stop us is what makes us become great.  You never can do too much, but you certainly can do little or waste your potential.  Yes, indeed it is hard and times won’t be easy, but how do you want to be remembered?  What will you leave behind in this world that will make it a better place for humanity.  Even more beautiful, what will you have done to make at least one person’s life just a little easier to live.  Being remembered for the quantum changes you made for humanity, that is what legacy at its finest!

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