Next Step: Graduate School

It wasn’t long ago when I was sitting next to one of the most beautiful rivers I had ever seen, in fact, that morning I was enjoying a very nice breakfast experiencing the gorgeous scenery of Denver Colorado.  The agenda which filled my day was several lectures on peritoneal dialysis.  At the time, I was a hemodialysis RN for a company named Liberty Dialysis.  The morning I am describing was on a business trip to Denver last year that really gave me a lot of professional perspective.  I was advancing my career in learning how to better care for renal failure patients.

What does that particular trip have to do with a graduate school decision?  Well, it has a lot of relevance actually.  There was a sense of professional achievement on that particular trip as I was able to network with other nursing colleagues from different parts of the country to talk about some rather complex health topics.  The training we went through was rigorous and intense, but at the same time gave me a sense of power.  The power came from knowing we were leveraging ourselves to be better than we already were and not too many other nurses got to have the skill sets we would later possess.  The association with other nurses in my field who had the same direction was invigorating.

This past month, I have decided I will advance my education toward graduate studies of Family Nurse Practicioning.  I have began the process of applying to a Doctorate level nursing program.  The decision comes after much contemplation on my direction in life.  At this point, I have accomplished quite a bit.  However, I feel that I need to keep moving forward toward something greater.  Becoming a mid-level practitioner is the direction I feel is most fitting for me.  I have always desired to move onto “advanced” education.  I try to become the best at whatever I do, and I feel this is the next avenue for me to pursue.  A huge component to my personality and life philosophy is caring for others.  My chosen profession is caring for the sick and injured.   Becoming a Family Nurse Practitioner (FNP) is something which would help facilitate that life passion of my even further.  The commitment is 3 years full time study, but I know in the end it will pay off!  My ultimate goal would be to open up a medical clinic in some small town and provide primary care to those who would not otherwise get the medical attention they need.

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