My Web Development Journey

Web Development JourneyEarlier this year I had the opportunity of traveling with my sister to California. This ended up being a very valuable trip, more so than I could have ever imagined.

My sister is very well connected to people in different locales. During this particular trip, she introduced me to one of her friends from Los Angelas who is an artist. I would later learn this encounter would motivate some of my future desires in life.

We arrived in the early morning to a local airport to meet this friend of hers. He was a very nice gentleman in his early thirties. The first thing I found very interesting was that he rented an old airplane hanger that he converted into his art studio. The whole place was covered in all kinds of art paintings he was working on. Without question, this guy had talent and passion for what he was doing.

Throughout our conversation, I would learn this guy works for himself and pays for his livestyle through his passion of art. His talent, network, and hustle is enough to support his life in California. I would learn that each morning he goes to the beach and surfs for a number of hours with his dogs. Afterward, he goes to his studio and runs his art business which is high successful. Observing this fueled my entrepreneurial fire more than anything I could imagine!

Here is a person who doesn’t confirm to the norms of society. He has completely constructed the way in which he lives his life. There is no conformity toward normal societal contexts. He simply does whatever the hell he wants, and he gets paid hansomly for it! This does not mean he isn’t putting in the work however, he just does it in his own way.

From this encounter, I developed a strong desire to do the same thing for my life. I am not an artist, and I wouldn’t say I am an entrepreneur either. However, I have always had a long-standing desire to craft my life differently than most. I would like to do something I love while at the same time benefiting others. Without question, I believe in lifestyle design.

As a result of this, I started to look at ways in which I could be different. It didn’t take long to find how much I really loved design and development, especially pertaining to the internet. For years I have dabbled with web development. My desire to pursue it wasn’t strong enough that I have committed to taking action full-time…until now!

I have a few friends who do freelance web development and they are making a significant amount of income by doing it. Not only that, but they are really transforming the way businesses market to their customers. Without question, there are some hideous websites on the internet from even the biggest of companies.

Therefore, I have now committed myself to learning the craft of design and development. My biggest desire is to transform the ways businesses represent themselves to their clients. I would like to make very ugly things look absolutely beautiful. The question is whether I would like to do this full-time or not. In today’s marketplace, there is certainly monetary compensation that is great for this type of work.

At this time, I have been accepted into a coding bootcamp and will spend 16 weeks doing an intensive study of the craft. This education will be adequate enough for me to apply to full-time positions afterword. At first, I am going to try my hand at freelance work and see what kind of a side-income I can create from this. It will be a great secondary income, and in the future I will have to consider full-time commitment. Either way, I know I want to make some beautiful things. There is always a way to craft your own journey, and I am going to prove its possible if you put in the work!

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