Measuring Improvement

The StandardLast week at school, one of my Web Development professors brought up an interesting point.  The conversation resulted from a couple of students in my cohort who were really struggling in class.  These students were feeling the real grind which is the consequence of a coding bootcamp.  They felt as if no matter how much effort they were putting in, they weren’t quite sure if they were succeeding or where going to be successful.  

The professor illustrated this:  the bar of which we measure success is what we consider the standard.  Well, at least in the moderate sense, that standard doesn’t change – it is something that is fixed in one place.  The only thing that truly does change is you, and that should be a promising thing to most!  What this translates to is that if you are becoming better than where you were yesterday, then you are where you need to be.  If you are always moving toward this direction toward the standard you are closing that gap between you and where you are hoping to go.  Although the standard may be arbitrary, you have to realize that it IS out there somewhere and you are getting closer to it each day you show up.  I think that is the key, show up everyday and keep putting in effort.

Over the course of my career, I have had the opportunity to serve in a number of leadership positions.  In these positions, I have learned how easy it is for many of us to get discouraged at our careers, our personal lives, our relationships.  Well, I think the idea that I am laying out here applies to these areas as well.  We have to strive to become better than we were yesterday.  We have to show up for our tomorrows and put in our best effort.  If we do this, I know we will bridge the distance between ourselves and who we are striving to become.

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