It Doesn’t Matter

LetGoWithout question there are times in our lives when we simply feel all is lost.  The things which intersect our lives usually come when we are the most happy.  They have a way of making us feel as if our lives will never be the same without that certain someone or thing.  There is a fear of the unknown and what the future will look like down the road.

Sometimes the emotions which come our way during these moments are quite devastating to us, and weigh on the soul greatly.  This is especially true when it comes to loosing someone special in our lives.  Crushing, dark, and devastating are ways in which we tend to describe such situations.

The unfortunate aspect of these moments isn’t actually what we lost or what changed.  Its the fact that our mental perspective has changed.  As a result of this mental shifting, we loose sight of who we really are in the grand scheme of our purpose.  Perhaps there are different opinions on this purpose, however most people would agree we are here fundamentally to love each other and to serve those around us.  Being there for each other and making the lives of those around us easier are major components to his.

Ultimately we must realize there is a much larger plan, a more significant mission, a destiny for all of us.  It is beneficial for us to understand that with such a significant plan / mission, there is a way set out for us to accomplish it.  We are not being setup for ultimate failure, even in the presence of momentary failures.

Having this perspective, that our daily life events are minuscule compared to what we are here to accomplish, helps put things back into context.  Therefore, loosing a job, breaking off a relationship, or dropping your iPhone in the toilet really doesn’t translate to much significance!  The small decisions we are required to make on a daily basis typically won’t map to much difference in our ultimate journeys.

Now, this does not down play the fact that there are really important decisions to make, or moments which are quite significant.  We must recognize these with great diligence and make certain we remain steadfast to our purpose.  The point ultimately is that we must keep an eye on the significant, while also not loosing context of the day-to-day trivial matters which tend to affect us so deeply for no good reason.  Let those things which matter take priority in our lives and let all the other stuff go.  Don’t let those trivial matters weigh you down, they aren’t going to matter in the end!

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