Home the Foundation

They say home is where you make it.  The realities of this never hit me until I left my childhood home and moved away to college.  It was there, during those transformative years, that I learned to create a home away from home.  Living in multiple different apartments with complete strangers is quite a unique experience.  However, it was because of those years I learned an important lesson.

Having well established my place of residence in my current city, it isn’t too often I return to my childhood home.  On special occasions, I return for family or social events to be around friends.  During these trips home, I am able to witness a stark juxtaposure of the home I created for myself as an adult versus the home I had growing up.

There is something empowering about returning to your hometown.  This past week I spent a considerable amount of time sitting outside my family home and at the surreal view of the city we are blessed to have.  I set a different pair of eyes on that cityscape as I once did as a child, teenager, and young adult.  It was here in my hometown where my most powerful, enthusiastic dreams and desires were created.  The most endearing memories, as well as some of the most painful memories took root in this very place.  A rush of all sorts of memories fly through my mind each time I walk the same ground as my childhood.  This hometown, the people, the city, the experiences created who I am today both professionally and personally.

Perhaps being the root of all things is what gives us this intimate connection.  As time goes on and we distance ourselves from our origins, these feelings only intensify.  Not all gain the experience of having stayed in a place long enough to call it a “hometown”, however I am convinced everyone knows exactly where home is, either in life or in the deepest tablets of their heart.

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