Forever Isn’t Real

foreverOne of the disillusions which often we fall victim to is that “forever” is a real thing.  In our youth, we are programmed with a belief that nothing will change.  For me, I never thought my high school days would end.  This was a good thing for me, because high school was quite enjoyable.  We are led to the belief our relationships will last forever, our friendships will remain unchanged, and our happiness will be long lasting.  What we don’t understand is that “forever” isn’t reality.  

Life has an interesting way of changing.  Perhaps, it is because we are constantly being guided and molded to fulfill a much deeper mission than we understand at the time.  In the course of my life, people have gone and come who I never expected.  I would not be able to ever predict those who would come into my life or leave it with accuracy.  People and circumstances surprises us, often in the most difficult or fascinating times of our lives.

Does this mean we always have to worry about things changing, or approach life with a dose of skepticism?  I don’t think its that simple.  More importantly, there needs to be a respect for the fluidity of life and it’s circumstances.  We must recognize that nothing will last forever.  This demands we enjoy the moments and circumstances of the present more deeply, more passionately, and with more diligence.  The relationships we cherish must be attended to with more respect and fervor.

We live in a world of constant distraction and superficial emotion.  Going out to dinner with friends almost always means looking at our phones and interacting with external forces.  Why not be fully present and engaged with those we care about?  What has changed where we have lost interest in the present moment?

Retrospectively, I know I certainly am guilty of not respecting the blessings, circumstances, or people who are in my life at a given moment.  However, I do know it is possible to do much better.  It is possible to feel more deeply, love more deeply, and enjoy more deeply.  Forever is nothing more than a fictional idea, what we enjoy today may not be there tomorrow.  Respect the present time, and perhaps our return on investment will be much greater.

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