Challenging the Comfort Zone

life-beginsThe other day I learned a valuable life lesson.  I was out on a recreational outing with some friends who wanted to repel off a rock face in the area.  Of course, my intention was not ever to repel with them, as I have a fear of heights and I “just don’t do that stuff”.  However, when we got up there and I watched the enjoyment on their faces as they would rope down the rock, I wondered if by chance how much of life’s moments do I miss by staying within my comfort zone.  As the picture implies, maybe there is much more life, magic, and energy right outside that comfort zone.

With this thought sternly fixated in my mind, I began to consider the idea of repelling off the rock.  This represented tremendous courage on my part, because this is something I would typically never do!  My friend really wanted me to accomplish this, and provided some very direct encouragement for me to do it.  He walked me through every step of the process, and when I decided it was a go, he tied in right beside me and walked down the rock face beside me.  After several feet down and realizing just how safe I was, there was a very notable surge of energy that rushed through my soul!  For the first time in a long time I felt free, in control, and full of life.  By making that choice, it elicited in me the desire  to really push my comfort zone further with other endeavors in my life.

There is quite a life lesson in this.  What kind of life and magic is there just right outside the border of our comfort zone?  What are we actually sacrificing at the alter of sameness?  Often times our fears of leaving that comfort zone are not substantiated in reality.   Maybe making small steps outside of our zone of comfort will bring us quantum leaps of success, energy, and life than we could have ever imagine!

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