Why I Will Win

There are a lot of reasons why I know that I will win in lifewinner despite my deep, long lasting challenges.  There is no doubt that life is tough.  Life will kick you in the gut so many times, punch you in the face, and knock you down.  That really isn’t the issue.  The issue is learning how to survive each one of those moments, and getting right back on your feet.

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Sleep | Meletonin | Early Mornings

Perhaps one of the most ritualistic parts of my day is getting ready for bed.  As a child, I recall this being a drawn out process.  You spend a good portion of your evening getting ready for the night ahead.  Not much has changed for me as an adult.  Bedtime as an adult is a rather pleasant part of my day I have realized.  Preparing for the night is a pleasant experience as an adult clearly because we work harder, and its the most relaxing part of the day.  

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The American Dream

I can’t help but to add another one of this guy’s videos to my blog.  I love the idea of the American Dream, and this gentleman illustrates things the best I have ever heard!