The memory still lingers in my mind as if it were yesterday.  Young, inexperienced, timid; I sat in the auditorium of Salt Lake Community College as an undergraduate student attending a “Lecture Series”.  This was a program the school offered that brought local professionals and successful individuals to the campus to speak to the students.  This particular afternoon Mark Miller, owner of Mark Miller Toyota had been the keynote speaker.  His topic was one I had no direct familiarity of, Imagineering. [Read more…]

Next Step: Graduate School

It wasn’t long ago when I was sitting next to one of the most beautiful rivers I had ever seen, in fact, that morning I was enjoying a very nice breakfast experiencing the gorgeous scenery of Denver Colorado.  The agenda which filled my day was several lectures on peritoneal dialysis.  At the time, I was a hemodialysis RN for a company named Liberty Dialysis.  The morning I am describing was on a business trip to Denver last year that really gave me a lot of professional perspective.  I was advancing my career in learning how to better care for renal failure patients. [Read more…]