On Legacy

Life is an interesting adventure.  We are here to survive in a very uncertain world, achieve great things, and create everlasting bonds to one-another.  More importantly, we are to realize the importance of family, friends, and all relationships we have.  Most of all, we are here to create our own families and develop ourselves to our potential.  All of this is not an easy feat.  There are many difficult task for us all to accomplish, but on top of that we have many setbacks to overcome as well.  It is in our nature for us to focus on these setbacks, the obstacles in our road, or the lack of resources we have.  This creates an environment where we focus on the here and now.  We worry how we will pay the bills, put food on the table, or repair a broken relationship.  Worst of all though, are we loosing sight of our big picture? [Read more…]

The Strangest Secret

Earl Nightingale was one of the greatest thought leaders of all time in American history.  His idealogies have changed many lives.  One of this most well known pieces of work is known as “The Strangest Secret”.  He talks about why only a small percentage of people become successful.  Interestingly, he discusses how many people in their 20’s have a great vision of success and dreams greatly beyond imaginable, however at the end of their lives there is no realization of such dreams.  This video is 30 minutes work of golden content that is really inspiring!  Take some time to listen to it!


Challenging the Comfort Zone

life-beginsThe other day I learned a valuable life lesson.  I was out on a recreational outing with some friends who wanted to repel off a rock face in the area.  Of course, my intention was not ever to repel with them, as I have a fear of heights and I “just don’t do that stuff”.  However, when we got up there and I watched the enjoyment on their faces as they would rope down the rock, I wondered if by chance how much of life’s moments do I miss by staying within my comfort zone.  As the picture implies, maybe there is much more life, magic, and energy right outside that comfort zone.
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The Power of Self-Rebuke

This past week I have been thinking about an interesting concept.  Over the years, both personally and professionally, I have had a lot of difficult challenges.  Challenges always present opportunities for growth however, and I have noticed this to be a huge reality.  At times, the most difficult challenges that face us are the ones which challenge our inner self-concept, our soul, and the image we believe others see within us.  As a young adult starting out in the field of emergency healthcare, this was probably my most perplexing issues. [Read more…]

7 Leadership Lies You Need to Stop Believing

September 9, 2013

Mark Sanborn

We live in an age that seeks quick fixes and easy answers. Sometimes leaders abdicate their thinking to others and accept “prevailing wisdom,” which is often an oxymoron.I grew up, like most, accepting many things at face value. It wasn’t until I started giving important issues like leadership a second and third thought that I realized I’d been believing what turned out to be some serious leadership myths.

Here are seven leadership lies and why they simply aren’t true: [Read more…]

Personal Accountability: America’s Demise

Today, I at the Emergency Department working the front desk when a 21 year old girl and her father walked in.  Her father, not too difficult to miss, most likely weighed in at around 420 pounds.  The daughter, well she wasn’t too far behind him weighing probably 340 pounds.  As they approached the desk, they informed me they were their to visit some family.  The conversation was simple, but I was quickly distracted.  The distraction had to do with an 84 ounce Maverick soda mug which they both were packing!  Although I feel I exist at a much superior level than these two, I had an immediate mental paradigm shift; I will be stopping my limited soda intake immediately and will be improving my own physical fitness! [Read more…]

Weekly Quote

-Robert Kiyosaki

A View on Labor Day and American Production


Today, September 2, 2013, most will be enjoying a day off from their normal laborious duties.  We look back in celebrating this Labor Day holiday by honoring those who have worked so hard in creating an American economic landscape which we enjoy today.  America is the home of the free marketplace where business, innovation, creation, and industrious advances take place on a daily basis.  The advent of new technology, the utilization of internet, social media, and modern marketing has not only created but has expedited the American dream for many. [Read more…]

Weekly Quote

“Would you like me to give you a formula for success? It’s quite simple, really. Double your rate of failure.”

– Thomas Watson, IBM