The Complacency Vortex in Business

Stop-Being-ComplacentTonight I had arrived home from work and began to contemplate ideas for dinner with my roommate.  After the normal back-and-forth of ideas, we came across an old coupon for a local pizza chain that has been in Utah for years.  We both asked the same question simultaneously, “is this place still open?”.  Once we decided to give it a try, I attempted to go to their website…it returned a broken link.  After, I picked up the phone and called them.  It rang through to a voicemail after several rings.  I went on to tell my roommate that I was certain this place was closed down.  He suggested I make one last attempt.  On the last try, I got through to the pizzeria to which I placed my order reluctantly.   [Read more…]

Fire in Your Belly

FireGrowing up for me was average.  Economically I came from a very traditional middle-class family.  No one in my family has accomplished anything exceptionally amazing.  In fact, many of my siblings and cousins barely passed high school.  Actually, a cousin and I are one of only a few who has a college degree in my family.  The development of my journey took place a lot on my own. [Read more…]

Being Still


The world we are living in at this time is quite unique.  Socially, we live in a dynamic where our situation is vastly different than generations before us.  The complexities are different, the people are different, and we have had massive shifts culturally which presents unique challenges. [Read more…]

Measuring Improvement

The StandardLast week at school, one of my Web Development professors brought up an interesting point.  The conversation resulted from a couple of students in my cohort who were really struggling in class.  These students were feeling the real grind which is the consequence of a coding bootcamp.  They felt as if no matter how much effort they were putting in, they weren’t quite sure if they were succeeding or where going to be successful.   [Read more…]

My Web Development Journey

Web Development JourneyEarlier this year I had the opportunity of traveling with my sister to California. This ended up being a very valuable trip, more so than I could have ever imagined.

My sister is very well connected to people in different locales. During this particular trip, she introduced me to one of her friends from Los Angelas who is an artist. I would later learn this encounter would motivate some of my future desires in life. [Read more…]

It Doesn’t Matter

LetGoWithout question there are times in our lives when we simply feel all is lost.  The things which intersect our lives usually come when we are the most happy.  They have a way of making us feel as if our lives will never be the same without that certain someone or thing.  There is a fear of the unknown and what the future will look like down the road. [Read more…]

College Doesn’t Always Equal Success

lifeplanLate one evening, I went to purchase a drink at the local grocery store.  When I walked into the store, I was approaching my destination when I passed a younger guy speaking with an older gentleman he met up with on the isle.  It became apparent to me that the younger guy had just returned home from a church mission and was getting back into “normal” society.  The old man had asked the younger what his plans were.   [Read more…]

Personal Marinade

Influence Perhaps  one of the more interesting aspects of humanity I have wondered about is how we have become the individuals we are.  Obviously, this is a multivariable question and one which is complex inherently.  Lately though, I have wondered if it is really that difficult of a question to answer.

[Read more…]

On Mindset

MindsetAn interesting observation I have made in my life is how vastly different people can be.  This difference of particular interest is the varying degrees in which people approach to surviving and the success, or lack of, they experience.  Over the course of my life, I have encountered several different people, all of which live within a strict framework of “just how its done”.   [Read more…]

Planting Pumpkin Seeds

As of recent I was listening to a podcast where the guest speaker illustrated a very simple, but rather potent idea.  They were talking about doing well in life and being successful.  The guest quickly pointed out that, “if you plant a pumpkin seed, there is no way you can grow a thorn bush”.  After taking a moment to think about this, I really came to enjoy the idea they were trying to express.   [Read more…]