My Web Development Journey

Web Development JourneyEarlier this year I had the opportunity of traveling with my sister to California. This ended up being a very valuable trip, more so than I could have ever imagined.

My sister is very well connected to people in different locales. During this particular trip, she introduced me to one of her friends from Los Angelas who is an artist. I would later learn this encounter would motivate some of my future desires in life. [Read more…]

On Legacy

Life is an interesting adventure.  We are here to survive in a very uncertain world, achieve great things, and create everlasting bonds to one-another.  More importantly, we are to realize the importance of family, friends, and all relationships we have.  Most of all, we are here to create our own families and develop ourselves to our potential.  All of this is not an easy feat.  There are many difficult task for us all to accomplish, but on top of that we have many setbacks to overcome as well.  It is in our nature for us to focus on these setbacks, the obstacles in our road, or the lack of resources we have.  This creates an environment where we focus on the here and now.  We worry how we will pay the bills, put food on the table, or repair a broken relationship.  Worst of all though, are we loosing sight of our big picture? [Read more…]

Defining Education

This video really illustrates my same feelings toward education.  Its quite surprising as I have a couple college degrees, but that still does not alter my feelings toward this subject!

Armies of Scarecrows

This past week I watched a leadership webinar which the presenter, Mark Hoverson, had a unique perspective on something that is so paralytic to most people in their lives.  When you think about it, we each have ownership of a dream of the future.  We tend to ponder about how things could be in the future of our lives.  Most consist of money, success, companionship, and just freedom to do the things we enjoy.  As I have stated many times in the past, some people actually accomplish their dreams, but others simply just exist in the conditions they are in and take no action to change it. [Read more…]

7 Leadership Lies You Need to Stop Believing

September 9, 2013

Mark Sanborn

We live in an age that seeks quick fixes and easy answers. Sometimes leaders abdicate their thinking to others and accept “prevailing wisdom,” which is often an oxymoron.I grew up, like most, accepting many things at face value. It wasn’t until I started giving important issues like leadership a second and third thought that I realized I’d been believing what turned out to be some serious leadership myths.

Here are seven leadership lies and why they simply aren’t true: [Read more…]

Weekly Quote

-Robert Kiyosaki

A View on Labor Day and American Production


Today, September 2, 2013, most will be enjoying a day off from their normal laborious duties.  We look back in celebrating this Labor Day holiday by honoring those who have worked so hard in creating an American economic landscape which we enjoy today.  America is the home of the free marketplace where business, innovation, creation, and industrious advances take place on a daily basis.  The advent of new technology, the utilization of internet, social media, and modern marketing has not only created but has expedited the American dream for many. [Read more…]