Being Still


The world we are living in at this time is quite unique.  Socially, we live in a dynamic where our situation is vastly different than generations before us.  The complexities are different, the people are different, and we have had massive shifts culturally which presents unique challenges.

One of these challenges is inherent to the level of information we digest on a daily, hourly, or by the minute timeframe.  Social media, Google, online media are all elements we participate in several times a day.  This has never been the case historically, and its something new to our time.

In my life, and I am a victim to this as well, I observe a significant difficulty in being engaged and present in the current moment.  Mobile devices distract us from real human interactions all around us.  The intake of media, news, advertisements are constantly vying for our attention and putting us in negative emotional states.

An essential skill that we have not learned in our modern world is the skill of stillness.  If we are to have mental sanity, then this is a skill imperative to develop.  Stillness, the ability to rest our minds and souls for a moment, a time to recenter our spirits and hone our energies.  Are we staying in touch with our higher self?  Are we identifying with our higher mission which is greater than ourselves?  Most of the time the answer is no.

The importance of being ‘still’ has other implications other than connecting back with our self.  It gives the opportunity to silence the negative, the messy, the horrid that surrounds us every moment of each day.  It allows the mind to reconnect to the beauty all around us that we miss through distraction.  Stillness allows us to understand there are energies around us that are positively moving us toward our greater good.

As a move toward greater adoption of this idea, I have began to meditate as much as possible.  It has given me the ability to cut through the noise the world produces, and reconnect with myself at a much more intimate level.  This is something we all should consider as we have a desire for goal achievement, greater productivity, and the obtainment of our dreams.

Remember, the world is a different place, it is our job to adapt to such a different landscape in order to survive.  Humans have always adapted to their environments, so lets not loose sight of the fact that there is a great need for mental, spiritual, and physical wellbeing.

“We have no Great War. No Great Depression. Our Great War’s a spiritual war… our Great Depression is our lives.”  -Tyler Durden  Fight Club

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