Personal Marinade

Influence Perhaps  one of the more interesting aspects of humanity I have wondered about is how we have become the individuals we are.  Obviously, this is a multivariable question and one which is complex inherently.  Lately though, I have wondered if it is really that difficult of a question to answer.

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On Mindset

MindsetAn interesting observation I have made in my life is how vastly different people can be.  This difference of particular interest is the varying degrees in which people approach to surviving and the success, or lack of, they experience.  Over the course of my life, I have encountered several different people, all of which live within a strict framework of “just how its done”.   [Read more…]

Why You Should Hate TV

Our culture is out of hand with their love for television.  Although an element of technology that transformed our culture, there is clear evidence of its ravaging affect in our personal lives.  Today I opine about the reasons this little devil can be destroying both your imagination and your wallet!
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Vaccine Refusal Kills Kids

As a nurse, I see the aftermath of what it is like for a child to contract an illness that might be preventable.  The medical advances made in this country a decade ago pretty much eradicated some of the worst diseases possible.  However, as of recent we have seen a new uprising in children who are contracting diseases these vaccines prevented.  The reason for this happening, the fear that has been created around vaccines causing Autism, paralysis, and sudden death. [Read more…]