Armies of Scarecrows

This past week I watched a leadership webinar which the presenter, Mark Hoverson, had a unique perspective on something that is so paralytic to most people in their lives.  When you think about it, we each have ownership of a dream of the future.  We tend to ponder about how things could be in the future of our lives.  Most consist of money, success, companionship, and just freedom to do the things we enjoy.  As I have stated many times in the past, some people actually accomplish their dreams, but others simply just exist in the conditions they are in and take no action to change it.

The main point Hoverson was attempting to make was about why people don’t take action.  People don’t take action in their lives because of one thing, fear.  They fear what change itself, and what steps they would have to go through to institute change.  They fear money, the lack of it, and how to get it.  Fear runs their love life, the career, it paralyzes them from acting.  What we don’t realize is that these are armies of scarecrows in our lives.  The choice term of “scarecrow” is an interesting term, it depicts something fearful, but has no real threat to us in reality.

Armies of scarecrows in our lives are the things which stop us from turning corners.  They prevent us from growth and moving forward.  Worst of all, they prevent us from gaining, strengthening, and maintaining the relationships that are the most vital in our lives.  We don’t realize the most difficult conversations we have in life are the ones which make us grow by quantum strides.  A lot of times we are right at the midst of a breakthrough when we give up…usually because of fear!

Success, happiness, and fast action in our lives can only occur when we learn how to burn the armies of scarecrows right down to the f*$@ing ground!  Having a major paradigm shift in our minds and hearts helps us to realize most fears are unreasonable.  A lot of times the impact of what we fear hails no real comparison in reality.  We as humans have a psychological ability to disillusion ourselves into believing fear = reality.

May we all light a match and burn those scarecrow armies down!  When we do, what we accomplish might just scare you!

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